FRI 27 MAY > SUN 31 JUL 2016


Orange, lemon, pineapple, banana, coconut, nettle, coffee, rice, soy, corn, beet, flax, lotus, seaweed, mushrooms, wine, beer and shellfish... Following in the line of the Futurotextiles exhibitions, TEXTIFOOD presents fibres derived from animal or plant species whose non-edible by-products are used to create textiles.

Textifood echoes the theme of the 2015 Universal Exhibition in Milan: “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. Indeed, the exhibition was designed by lille3000 for the France/Lille Europe Pavilion at the Palazzo delle Stelline, the French Institute in Milan, where it ran from 1 May to 14 July 2015.

lille3000 and the DTC Museum Textifood highlighted the scope of possible synergies between production systems in the agrifood and textile industries.

Enjoying the ingenuity of Korean textile designers, the exhibition also reveals the creations of young designers integrating dyed fibers with grapes, persimmon, coffee or walnut shell.


Conception : lille3000 / Futurotextiles
Curator: Caroline David 



> Makers :
Aissa Dione (Sn.) - Az&mut (Fr.) - Carole Collet (Fr.) - Chiara Vigo (It.) - Christine Phung & Morgane Crucq (Fr.) - Coralie Marabelle (Fr.) & Elodie Brunet (Fr.) - Design Percept (Fr.) - Ditta Sandico (Ph.) - Egide Paris (Fr.) - Em Riem (Kh.) - Éric Raisina (Mg.) - Gary Cass & Donna Franklin (Austr.) - Jonas Edvard (Dk.) - Kristian Von Forselles (Swe.) - Maisons de Mode / L’Herbe Rouge (Fr.) - Dognin (Fr.) - Manufacture des Rigoles (Fr.) - Nina Gautier (Ch.) - on aura tout vu (Fr.) – Orange Fiber (It.) - Sophie Hallette (Fr.) - Tamiya Raden (Jp.) - Tiziana & Gianni Baldizzone (It.) - Virginie Breton / BBdor (Fr.) - 
Hwang Yu Mi (Kr) -  Sewing for the soil (Kr) - Yim Hyo Won, Her Jun Won & Lee Su Yeon (Kr.) 

> Firms and institutions :
École Supérieure des Arts de Tournai (Be.) - BACSAC (Fr.) - Centexbel (Be.) - CimAlp (Fr.) - Clubtex / CELC / ENSAIT/ CETI (Fr.) - Cousin Biotech (Fr.) – Cultimer (Fr.) - Damart (Fr.) - Decathlon (Fr.) - Dehondt (Fr.) - Dracula Technologies (Fr) - EDF (Fr.) - ENPC, École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussée (Fr.) - Fimalin (Fr.) - Grado Zero Espace (It) - Himalayan Fiber (Np.) - IFTH (Fr) - Immatec (Bra) - Jules Clarysse (Be) - Lenzing (At.) - Libeco (Be.) - Maison Darquer-Noyon (Fr.) - MateriaNova (Be) - Musée d’Histoire Naturelle de Lille (Fr.) - OM-IH (Ch) - Peignage Dumortier (Fr.) - Qmilk (De.) - Racines (Fr.) - Samatoa (Camb. / Fr.) - Singtex (Tw.) - Smartfiber (De.) - Texilis (Fr.) - Tibtech (Fr) - The Formary (Nzl) - Tresse Industrie (Fr) - Umorfil (Tw.) - Wallart (Fr.) - …



DTC Museum

227, Dong-gu, Palgong-ro, Daegu, Corée du Sud



Exhibition Partners

 Exposition dans le cadre de l’Année Croisée France-Corée 2015-2016 avec le soutien de l’Institut Français