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Orange, lemon, pineapple, banana, coconut, nettle, coffee, rice, soy, corn, beet, flax, lotus, seaweed, mushrooms, wine, beer and shellfish...

Textifood, the most recent of the Futurotextiles exhibitions, will present fibres made from plant or animal sources, whose non-edible by-products are used to create textiles.

Textifood is a response to the theme set for Expo 2015 in Milan “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. The exhibition was designed by lille3000 for the France/Lille Europe Pavilion, at the Palazzo delle Stelline, Institut Français Milano, from the 1st of May to the 14th of July 2015.

In the frame of Renaissance, lille3000 and the Natural History Museum showcase the range of synergies possible between food production and textiles.

These fibres come from all continents. They are studied worldwide by researchers to find solutions for the needs of an increasingly responsible world.

To illustrate the qualities of the frequently little-known fabrics made from these fibres, lille3000 has called on artists, designers and stylists aware of the need for an intelligent and sustainable use of the planet’s resources to come up with creations that incorporate fibres often derived from the by-products of crop production.

Designers such as Coralie Marabelle, Christine Phung, Design Percept, L’Herbe Rouge, A+ZDesign®, Egide Paris, Az&mut or Manufacture des Rigoles, have incorporated the research of textile companies based on plant chemistry and biomass processing.

Others, including Eric Raisina Em Riem, Ditta Sandico, Kristian Von Forselles, the House of Dognin and Nina Gautier, have worked with natural fibres know for centuries but are all but forgotten nowadays.

Whereas some researchers working in their laboratories, such as Donna Franklin & Gary Cass, Jonas Edvard, Qmilk or Orange Fiber, have created innovative and entirely visionary materials.

Design: lille3000 / Futurotextiles Curator: Caroline David


Créateurs :

Aissa Dione (Sn.) - Az&mut (Fr.) - Carole Collet (Fr.) - Chiara Vigo (It.) - Christine Phung / Morgane Crucq (Fr.) - Coralie Marabelle (Fr.)/ Elodie Brunet (Fr.) - Design Percept (Fr.) - Ditta Sandico (Ph.) - Egide Paris (Fr.) - Em Riem (Kh.) - Eric Raisina (Mg.) - Gary Cass / Donna Franklin (Austr.) - Geneviève Levivier / A+ZDesign® (Be.) - Jonas Edvard (Dk.) - Kristian von Forselles (Swe.) - Matteo Cibic (It) - Maisons de Mode / L’Herbe Rouge (Fr.) - Maison Dognin Paris (Fr.) - Manufacture des Rigoles (Fr.) - Nina Gautier (Ch.) On aura tout vu (Fr.) - Sophie Hallette (Fr.) - Tamiya Raden (Jp.) - Tiziana & Gianni Baldizzone (It.) - Virginie Breton - BBdor (Fr.)

Entreprises et institutions :

Act Tournai, École Supérieure des Arts de Tournai (Be.) - BACSAC (Fr.) - Centexbel (Be.) - CimAlp (Fr.) - Clubtex / CELC / ENSAIT/ CETI (Fr.) - Cousin Biotech (Fr.) - Damart (Fr.) - Decathlon (Fr.) - Dehondt (Fr.) - Dracula Technologies (Fr) - EDF (Fr.) - ENPC, École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussée (Fr.) - Fimalin (Fr.) - Grado Zero Espace (It) - Himalayan Fiber (Np.) - IFTH (Fr) - Immatec (Bra) - Jules Clarysse (Be) - Lenzing (At.) - Libeco (Be.) - Maison Darquer-Noyon (Fr.) - MateriaNova (Be) - Musée d’Histoire Naturelle de Lille (Fr.) - OM-IH (Ch) - Peignage Dumortier (Fr.) - Qmilk (De.) - Racines (Fr.) - Samatoa (Camb. / Fr.) - Singtex (Tw.) - Smartfiber (De.) - Texilis (Fr.) - Tibtech (Fr) - The Formary (Nzl) - Tresse Industrie (Fr) - Umorfil (Tw.) - Wallart (Fr.)

MILAN 2015

MILAN 2015



Du 1er mai au 14 juillet 2015

Corso Magenta, 63


Du lundi au samedi : 11:00 - 19:00

Institut Français Milano,
Palazzo Delle Stelline
Corso Magenta 63
20123 Milan, ITALIE


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