La Gare Saint Sauveur est actuellement fermée
Suite aux mesures annoncées par l’État, dans le cadre de la lutte contre l’épidémie de Covid-19, nous sommes au regret de vous informer que la Gare Saint Sauveur est fermée au public jusqu’à nouvel ordre.
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La saison du Printemps à Saint Sauveur 2020, qui devait ouvrir le 10 avril prochain, sera elle aussi chamboulée. En fonction de l’évolution de la crise sanitaire, les équipes de lille3000, de la Ville de Lille, de Lille Métropole 2020 Capitale Mondiale du Design et du Bistrot de St So vous tiendront au courant dès que possible sur la réouverture du lieu et sur les activités qui vous seront proposées.

En attendant, restez chez vous et prenez soin de vous. On vous dit à bientôt pour la suite des aventures et encore plus de jolis moments de convivialité !

L’équipe lille3000

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9 Sep 8 Nov 2020


Exhibition, concerts, events, cinema, urban Farm...

Gare Saint Sauveur, Lille

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Autumn at Saint Sauveur is a second exhibition as part of Lille Metropole 2020, World Design Capital hosted by lille3000. And still a series of weekends for the whole family in partnership with Ville de Lille and many associations of the Lille metropolis: concerts, shows, birthday parties, cinema for young people, Urban Farm, Bistrot de St So...

With 1,500 designers involved, more than 500 design projects (many of which are supported by the City), 20 exhibitions and 50 major events, the Lille Metropole 2020, World Design Capital project is based on experimentation and the transformation of the region through design. The programme will be divided into four seasons and will be stepped up throughout the year. Winter will be the time to raise awareness of design, and will give way to "revelation" in spring, "fulfilment" in summer and "achievement" in autumn.
?And also, in the Lille Métropole 2020, World Design Capital program: conferences, workshops, POC houses, itineraries... Visit 

An original production of Lille Metropole 2020, World Design Capital.
Curators: Lidewij Edelkoort and Philippe Fimmano

This exhibition by Lidewij Edelkoort, a world-renowned trend forecaster, explores the experiments of a new generation of designers with materials and manufacturing processes.

Design is turning to the human hand to give shape to a profound disarray that can no longer conceive of the often superfluous industrial design of previous decades. But after a period of arts & crafts, we see that the hand wants to adorn itself once again with the machine, the computer, the laboratory and the loom. Suddenly hand and machine join hands and produce astonishing objects and materials that prepare us for a future to be invented together. 

Thus designers buy or found real factories, develop collectives to share places and machines, work in an open source way and recycle the materials piled up in our lands and seas. They want to make something beautiful out of something ugly, by transforming data. The joy of manufacturing is palpable.

This birth of magical manufactures shows us the way to the nobility of ploughing, a nobility that can give meaning to man's integrity, the first fruits of what can save humanity from itself.


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